STOA is the only architectural firm in the U.S. that is equipped with the capability to holistically address the psychological, behavioral, and economic aspect of building design through Feng Shui spatial values. Our firm has long practiced a unique design approach that incorporates traditional Feng Shui practices with modern green design methods, which we call “Green TEA” (Total Environmental Alignment). Green Architecture is a design approach that minimizes the harmful effects on human health and the environment by applying LEED principles and resource efficient materials. STOA’s Green Tea Approach aligns the energy and spiritual experience of Feng Shui with the modern ideas of energy-efficiency. STOA considers factors such as the size, shape, and layout of the building as well as the landscape and surrounding buildings to create an ideal environment. C.C. Lee is a Feng Shui Master who has been teaching interactive workshops at Rice University since 1999 and continues to teach at many other universities around the world.

Quality Management Program

STOA utilizes our Quality Management Program (QMP) to govern project management, design, production, and deliverables. We assign a QM committee to confirm our team’s services and deliverables conform to STOA’s contract.


STOA’s PM develops in collaboration with consultants’ PMs a task-based schedule using scope/cost/ standards input from the Program. Critical milestones are incorporated into the design and proposed construction schedule. To identify and quantify project challenges, based on Program requirements, we further define specific tasks for programming, site investigations, design, construction documents, construction, and commissioning, and predict customary durations.

Software & Technology

STOA is a leader in applying technology systems. We have developed and have in place numerous systems and policies focused on success of our projects, clients, and people. We use RevitTM as our project modeling system to aid in development and documentation of projects. Other systems such as AutoCADTM, RhinoTM and SketchTM-up are employed for internal and external visualization purposes. Our project management software tracks office-wide and project resources and aids accurate invoicing.

Advantages of technology during design and documentation include:

• Three-dimensional integration of architecture, interiors, and structural and building service systems

• Assists error-free documentation

• Reduction in systems clashes thus reducing contractor’s RFIs and thus potential change orders

• Attributes added to components

• Digital documents for our clients ongoing facility management and maintenance

Delivery Methods

STOA Architects successfully works with project delivery methods such as CMAR, Design-Build, Design/Bid/Build (DBB), Public/Private-Partnership (3P) and other forms of integrated project delivery in both the public and private sectors. Our goal is to bring the same teamwork and collaborative approach to every project, regardless of delivery method. Our team adopts innovative approaches applying cutting edge technology to increase value for our clients while implementing sound and efficient processes in a collaborative environment. Compliance and assurance are major priorities in all phases. Our participation with alternative delivery methods provides us with talents and skills necessary to work closely with contractors to make certain construction scope, cost, schedule, and standards are top-of-mind. While each project brings potentially unique circumstances influencing selection of the most appropriate delivery method, STOA knows how to facilitate dialogue, understand complexities of each project, and help steer our clients in the direction making the most sense for project success.