Gessner Kiddie Kollege

Gessner Kiddie Kollege has been serving Southwest Houston for over ten years.

    • K-12 Education / Higher Education
    • Gessner Kiddie Kollege
    • K-12 Education / Higher Education

The Gessner Kiddie Kollege, an early childhood development facility project, entailed enhancing an existing tenant space to accommodate the needs of a vibrant educational environment for young learners.

The primary objectives included:

  1. Adding new walls.
  2. Removing existing barriers.
  3. Updating restrooms.
  4. Converting select windows to doors to adhere to pertinent code requirements.

The project has been designed to optimize the use of space, ensuring that educational spaces, administrative areas, and support facilities are efficiently allocated within the existing footprint. The renovation of the facilities has been carried out to comply with current building codes and ADA/TAS standards, with a strong focus on safety, accessibility, and child-friendly design elements. To improve accessibility and provide easy access to outdoor play areas, select windows have been converted into doors, promoting a seamless indoor-outdoor transition for recreational activities and emergency egress. Throughout the design and construction phases, we strictly adhered to building codes and regulations, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants, staff, and visitors.

The Gessner Kiddie Kollege Early Childhood Facility project is more than just creating a safe, educational environment for young children. It is a commitment to the community, a promise to enrich the lives of students, families, and the broader community. The facility provides a safe and stimulating learning environment for children and creates job opportunities for local residents during the construction and operation phases. With its thoughtful design interventions and meticulous attention to code requirements, the facility will serve as a beacon of excellence in early childhood education, benefiting everyone it touches.



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