Sienna Branch Library

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Sienna Branch Library

The Sienna Branch Library is a unique collaboration between the Houston Community College System and the Fort Bend County Library System. As the first joint-use facility in Fort Bend County, this 44,989-square foot library offers a welcoming and family-friendly environment. It features specially designed spaces catering to individual needs, including dedicated areas for kids and teens. Additionally, a community meeting room equipped with a puppet theater encourages interactive learning and play for both library visitors and their children.

With an emphasis on creating a bright and inviting atmosphere, the library incorporates ample natural light on both the first and second floors. Glazed openings throughout the building frame stunning views of the surrounding neighborhood and the nearby community college. This design choice enhances the overall aesthetics and fosters a pleasant ambiance within the library.

In terms of its exterior, the Sienna Branch Library harmonizes with the standards of the neighboring community while infusing a contemporary touch. The massing and detailing of the building highlight a horizontal layout, seamlessly integrating various functions of the library. This thoughtfully layered design approach adds visual interest and contributes to a cohesive architectural vision.

At the Sienna Branch Library, discover a space where education, entertainment, and community converge. Explore the vast collection of resources, engage in interactive programs, and immerse yourself in the joy of learning. Experience a modern and inclusive library that serves as a hub for growth, knowledge, and connection.


Fort Bend County


Missouri City, TX



Project Size:

44,989 SF


$9 million


Public Works


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