Riverside Dialysis Center

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Riverside Dialysis Center

The Riverside Dialysis Center, known as the Harris County Hospital District’s City of Houston Riverside Health Clinic, underwent a renovation and interior build-out of its 6,507 square foot Dialysis Center. The main goal of this project was to enhance the facilities for the Center’s standard healthcare program and improve the Patient Educational facilities.

As part of the renovation, the Dialysis Center now includes twenty-one dialysis unit stations and an isolation room to meet the specific needs of patients. STOA provided comprehensive services throughout the project. This included design production, negotiations during the bidding process, and overseeing construction administration.

The renovation and interior build-out actively aimed to create a more accommodating and functional environment for patients, while also ensuring that the center meets the necessary healthcare standards.


Harris Health System


3315 Delano Street, Houston, Texas 77004



Project Size:

6,507 SF


$1.0 Million




healthcare, interior design, interior renovation