Rice University James Baker Hall

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Rice University James Baker Hall

Rice University selected STOA Architects to actively design the office build-out for Room 310 in James Baker Hall through a collaborative process. In close collaboration with Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian, the Director of the Baker Institute, and the Rice design team, STOA Architects actively worked to develop multiple program design concepts that would optimize the available space and fulfill specific aesthetic requirements. This involved the meticulous establishment of furniture layouts and the thoughtful introduction of finish selections to enhance the area while taking into careful consideration the existing conditions.

Given the absence of external windows, the rear wall became a focal point of the design. To achieve a visually stunning effect, STOA Architects took active measures to enhance the entire wall with captivating LED lights, resulting in a striking visual feature. The design team actively incorporated the client’s distinct preference for the “CELEDON” color, creating a unique statement that personalized the space and set an inviting tone for the entire area. With the new design, Room 310 in James Baker Hall at Rice University actively aims to maximize functionality, fulfill aesthetic goals, and create an inviting and personalized environment.


Rice University


Houston, TX



Project Size:

1,162 SF




Higher Education


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