Rice University Herzstein Hall Amphitheater

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Rice University Herzstein Hall Amphitheater

Rice University selected STOA Architects to remodel the historic Herzstein Hall Amphitheater. Upgrades focused on audio-visual enhancements and ADA compliance. Preserving the historical significance of the blackboards and laboratory tables was a challenge. Design reviews with a local historian ensured interventions aligned with the original 1912 design. Concealing new technology during non-classroom use was crucial.

STOA implemented solutions to meet these requirements. Custom drawers were installed for the keyboard, mouse, and touch panel, and a concealed 24″ monitor on an articulating arm. Directional LED lights were discreetly placed in the soffit, and additional lights were installed beneath blackboards to counterbalance shadows. Existing projector pedestals were modified and aligned with new screens.


William Marsh Rice University


6100 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77005



Project Size:

Front Lectern Area ~700 SF




Higher Education


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