HCCS Northeast Campus- Academic Center

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HCCS Northeast Campus- Academic Center

HCCS Northeast Campus- Academic Center stands as the inaugural facility among the six planned for this complex. The school will provide services for 6,000 additional students. In addition to the workforce training, academic transfer courses, and corporate and continuing education, the facility has a full-service library, high tech open computer labs, a student life center, classrooms, childcare facility, auditorium, training centers, and a truck driving school. STOA Architects undertook extensive work for the Academic Center project, ensuring the accommodation of the necessary infrastructure for a 66-acre campus that will undergo development over the next ten years. The site work also consists of a 3,100-foot-long truck track for the Truck Driving School and detention pond for the drainage system.


Houston Community College System


555 Community College Drive, Houston, Texas 77013



Project Size:

Master Plan: 66 Acre Site Phase I: 75,000 SF Truck Driving School: 18,000 SF


$14.9 Million


Higher Education


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