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Harmony School of Enrichment

The Harmony School of Enrichment, a one-story, 42,700-square-foot elementary school was designed for Harmony Public Schools, the largest charter management organization in Texas with 48 campuses serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The design incorporates elements of Feng Shui to help enhance the learning experience and create an environment that promotes harmony, creativity, and learning. The new school features bright and joyful exterior colors, contemporary design, abundant natural lighting on the interiors with flexible spaces to maximize student engagement and contribute to the character of the Houston community and beyond. The colors used on the exterior were thoughtfully selected based on Feng Shui principles to help inspire students, support growth and encourage engagement and empowerment with a space that uplifts their spirits and enthusiasm for knowledge, so that they may thrive in their personal lives and chosen fields of endeavor.


Harmony Public Schools


Houston, TX


June 2017

Project Size:

42,700 SF


$6.4 million




education, k12, school