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Hangzhou Television/Radio Center

STOA International Architects, Inc. / Hangzhou Television/Radio Center

Hangzhou Television/Radio Center

Building Typology: Television/Radio Studio Center

2004 Invited International Competition

Total of Five Entries.

STOA/Golemon/Bolullo, Architects was the only American Invited Firm.

Gross Program Area: 1.5 million square feet in three phases of 1/2 million square feet each. Budget: $2 billion

Competition Results: Second Place Winner The program required extensive multipurpose facilities incorporating television, radio, and movie production studios to be operating at the same time. The transmission antenna had to be included in the design of the complex.

Our design incorporates the antenna as a building structural element part of the first phase building. A very vital requirement in the program was the creation of the main plaza where gatherings and events could take place. Our design freezes the ground floor by suspending the building areas and minimizing the impact of the entry points of the building at grade level. One of the reasons for the structure is to achieve this objective. A total building atmosphere for high-tech was also desired incorporating elements into the program requirements of functional purposes giving the total character of the buildings.

This is a very important building for the town with a site overviewing the river.