George R. Brown Convention Center

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George R. Brown Convention Center

The George R. Brown Convention Center was developed in three phases, following a linear layout along Highway U.S. 59. It was designed to have direct street connections to the Central Business District. During Phase I of the project, the streets surrounding the convention center were realigned and expanded to ensure smooth traffic flow around the larger blocks, allowing for uninterrupted exhibit spaces at ground level.

One significant outcome of the street realignment was the creation of a 100-foot boulevard known as Avenida de las Americas. This boulevard serves as the main entrance to the Convention Center, acting as its front door. The exterior design of Phase I focused on modular panel construction, emphasizing the major entrances and exits. Additionally, the construction included various amenities to facilitate future expansion in a seamless and modular manner.

Moreover, plans were made to develop pedestrian walkways over Avenida de las Americas, connecting the Convention Center to other future facilities, such as a hotel. These walkways were envisioned as part of the Convention Center’s ongoing development and expansion efforts.


City of Houston Houston First Corporation


Houston, TX


Phase I - 1987 Phase II - 2003

Project Size:

2 million SF


Phase I - $104 million, Phase II - $143 million


Public Works


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