Brazos Lakes Mixed-use Development

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Brazos Lakes Mixed-use Development

Currently in the design development phase, Brazos Lakes Development in Missouri City will be a vibrant and active mixed-use center that delivers the work-live-play experience, creating a sense of place for residents and visitors. Located on 24.45 acres of land along Highway 6, south of Glenn Lakes Lane, the development will not only establish a unique identity for Missouri City but aims to enhance the local economy to support property values and employment. When completed, the development will feature two 5-story condominium buildings and 3-story single family attached townhomes. The community will receive an additional enhancement through the integration of retail shops, restaurants, cafes, lounges, green space, recreational areas, and open terraces, seamlessly blending convenience, choice, and flexibility into its vibrant fabric.

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Dazhou Group


Missouri City, TX



Project Size:

22.50 acres


$150 million




community, experiential development, master planning, Missouri City, mixed-use, multi-family, residential, Retail