Mr. C.C. Lee is a world-renowned architect, philosopher, developer, Feng Shui master, artist, teacher, and author. He has managed a successful architectural practice since 1983 with offices in Houston & Dallas, Texas and Pensacola & Panama City, Florida. His strong and internationally proven, systematic design method helps clients worldwide with modern design and development challenges. Under Mr. Lee’s leadership, the firm has designed diverse hospitality and higher education projects, including several maintenance facilities and service centers. Mr. Lee is also a Feng Shui Master who has been teaching interactive workshops at Rice University since 1999, as well as many other universities around the world. In this session, he shares his stories of becoming a thriving entrepreneur as an architect.

Facilitator: Isabelle Chen, Coordinator III for Research and Innovation, LSC-Tomball

Speakers: C.C. Lee, Founder of STOA Architects

C.C. Lee, renowned international entrepreneur, engages in an insightful interview as he shares his remarkable journey and achievements in the business world. From his humble beginnings to scaling multiple successful ventures, Lee's interview offers valuable insights into his innovative strategies and entrepreneurial mindset that have earned him the prestigious title of International Entrepreneur of the Year.

C.C. Lee, a distinguished architect, entrepreneur, and Feng-Shui consultant, shares his wealth of experience and expertise in design, administration, and the principles of Feng-Shui in a captivating interview. With an impressive background that includes serving on architectural boards, founding a Feng-Shui Institute, and holding advanced degrees from prestigious institutions, Lee's interview offers valuable insights into his multidimensional career and unique approach to architecture and real estate.

Many Chinese pay attention to Feng Shui when choosing a residence, so what should we pay attention to? Professor C.C. Lee began to study Fengshui when he was studying architecture at university. He founded a construction company in 1983. Now it has 13 branches around the world, and he teaches Feng-Shui courses at Rice University.

Professor C.C. Lee says "Feng-Shui is actually the accumulation of five thousand years of life experience in China. It is a statistical principle. Because people have popularity, things have atmosphere, and the earth has atmosphere, how to harmonize the surrounding atmosphere Your own aura is harmonious. If your aura is strong, you will naturally think closely, and you will be more likely to succeed in doing things."