We deliver innovative design solutions that not only serve the operational goals of our clients, but that also express the importance of our client’s role in the greater community at large.
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Green Design and Feng Shui

Green Tea

Incorporating traditional Feng Shui practices with modern green design methods

Total Environmental Alignment

STOA is the only architectural firm in the U.S. that is equipped with the capability to holistically address the psychological, behavioral, and economic aspect of building design through Feng Shui spatial values. Our firm has long practiced a unique design approach that incorporates traditional Feng Shui practices with modern green design methods, which we call “Green TEA” (Total Environmental Alignment). Green Architecture is a design approach that minimizes the harmful effects on human health and the environment by applying LEED principles and resource-efficient materials.

STOA’s Green Tea approach aligns the energy and spiritual experience of Feng Shui with the modern ideas of energy-efficiency. STOA considers factors such as the size, shape, and layout of the building as well as the landscape and surrounding buildings to create an ideal environment. C.C. Lee is a Feng Shui Master who has been teaching interactive workshops at Rice University since 1999 and continues to teach at many other universities around the world.

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