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Celebrating 35 Years in Business
About STOA

Celebrating 35 years in business



Our team of specialized designers and planners include LEED and ADA accredited professionals, specification writers, construction experts and a range of technical architects who possess a deep understanding of construction methods and techniques.



Our philosophy is to listen to our clients and discover what is important to them and use their values to bring forth unique and innovative solutions for a multitude of cultural, technical, economic, and personnel-related considerations.



STOA has been afforded the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best engineering minds in Texas. Through these strategic partnerships, we present our clients with a team of multi-disciplinary consultants with a proven success record.

STOA International Architects, Inc. (HUB/MBE) is an award-winning architecture firm delivering innovative design solutions that not only serve the operational goals of our clients, but that also express the importance of our client’s role in the greater community at large. Our future-oriented designs focus on the shape of the environment and the people inhabiting the space to build a sense of community for a better tomorrow.

Being a part of the vibrant, innovative, and diverse Houston community since 1983, our firm is continually inspired by the growth of the city and the opportunity to create an environment that engages the unique character and vision of each project we undertake. Founded by C. C. Lee, AIA, LEED AP, STOA has developed a Holistic Design Approach to achieve a stable, healthy, balanced, peaceful, and harmonious relationship between the built environment and its natural surroundings. Having designed projects that are diverse in size, type, and budget, portfolio highlights include the Mickey Leland International Terminal at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the University of Houston Welcome Center, and the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.




  1. the belief that virtue, the highest good, is based on knowledge, and that the wise live in harmony with the divine reason that governs nature.
synonyms: patience, forbearance, fortitude,
endurance, acceptance, tolerance
quote: “He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.” –Marcus Aurelius
modern interpretation: persistence, submission  to natural order, discipline, social harmony, responsibility, spirituality, simple living, non-materialism, control desire/emotion, primacy of team performance over individual interest
  1. an ancient Greek school of philosophy founded at Athens by Zeno of Citium. The school taught the development of self-control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions. The philosophy holds that becoming a clear and unbiased thinker allows one to understand the universal reason.

A primary aspect of Stoicism involves improving the individual’s ethical and moral well-being: “Virtue consists in a will that is in agreement with Nature.” This principle also applies to the realm of interpersonal relationships; to be free from anger, envy, and jealousy. Stoic moral theory is also based on the view that the world is a unity.

The name comes from the Stoa Poikile, or painted porch, an open market in Athens, where the original Stoics used to meet and discuss philosophy.

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STOA is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) firm certified by the City of Houston, a METRO and Port of Houston Authority Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) firm certified by the State of Texas.