STOA Architects Feng Shui Values

STOA is the only architectural firm in the U.S. that is equipped with the capability to holistically address the psychological, behavioral, and economic aspect of building design through Feng Shui spatial values. Our firm has long practiced a unique design approach that incorporates traditional Feng Shui practices with modern green design methods, which we call “Green TEA” (Total Environmental Alignment). Green Architecture is a design approach that minimizes the harmful effects on human health and the environment by applying LEED principles and resource-efficient materials.

Why Feng Shui?

Human beings sooner or later will leave this world. God only promised a safe landing but never promised a smooth flight. We should use the knowledge of Feng Shui (wind & water) to enhance our Qi (life’s energy), so we might achieve a stable, balanced, peaceful, harmonious and prosperous life so that our flight through life will be smooth.

In order to understand Feng Shui, which is the manifestation of physical evidence in the Chinese civilization, we must understand the essence of Chinese people and their culture. The Chinese are very pragmatic people because of the unique living conditions of its ancient times, such as the Yellow River's annual flooding. The Chinese are always in a state of changes or transitions which is the basic concept of the relative value system, which means nothing is permanent, unchanged, or absolute. The Feng Shui theory talks about how to achieve a balanced, harmonious, and prosperous condition in this constantly changing and dynamic world. Therefore, the Yin & Yang concept is the basis of Chinese culture.

Life Factors

The Chinese believe there are five factors that control our lives, which are fate, luck, Feng Shui, good deeds, education, and diligence. Fate and luck are beyond our control, which we call heaven's factors. Feng Shui is called an earth factor, which we can learn to master. Doing good deeds, diligence and education are called human factors that we control ourselves. If we can control three out of five factors, don't you think we can achieve a better life? Feng Shui is the extra edge we can possess by learning.